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Excel Tips

Excel Tip #2 – Round Numbers to the Nearest Whole Number

How do you round to the nearest whole number?

Sometimes as accountants, we become so dependent on our pre-built budgeting templates, that we forget how to use Excel from scratch. So we’re getting back to basics with Excel- the tool we all love and hate.

Today, we’re looking at rounding numbers. Whether it’s converting currencies, calculating percentages or simply adding numbers, rounding up/down your numbers can save you a lot of headache and simply make your reports easier to comprehend. Below is a step-by-step guide of how to do this.

1) Select the desired cell

2)  Enter the Excel Round formula =ROUND and select the cell that contains the number you want to round

For example: =ROUND(A1,0)

Round to the nearest whole number 3) Press Enter.

round to the nearest whole number


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