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Excel for Budgeting Excel Tips

Tips for Budgeting in Excel

Most companies today are using Excel as their primary tool for budgeting. It’s familiar and easy to use, and can be applied to companies of all sizes, from different industries.  We are always looking for ways to help our clients make budgeting in Excel an easier process, so we have…

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Accounting Excel Tips

Final Version of an Excel Workbook

So you’ve worked long and hard to complete an Excel workbook. You have gathered input from multiple sources, incorporated changes from high-level management and finally, you have arrived at the final version. Hooray! But wait! Someone in your company missed the deadline on their changes and decided to access the…

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Excel Tips

Excel Tip #7 – How do I Split Columns?

How do I Split Columns?   We’re getting back to basics with Excel- the tool we all love and hate. 1) Identify the item that separates the columns (for instance, # in the example below) and highlight the range of cells you would like to split in your spreadsheet. 2)…

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