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About True Sky CPM Software

True Sky was founded with the goal of building world-class CPM software that is easy to use, and once installed and configured, can be completely maintained by the business group within the organization.

Why we developed True Sky, your CPM software solution


Corporate performance management (CPM) has become one the most important aspects of running a successful business. The cycle of budgeting, planning, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting; ultimately manages the performance of an organization’s success.

In working with companies, large and small, for the past 27 years, we have seen that most companies struggled with Corporate Performance Management, specifically in the area of budgeting and forecasting. The complexity of the process and the fact that it is very manual, causes the CFO to spend more time than they should on the administrative tasks of the budget, instead of analyzing and strategizing.

Overall, we found this outdated process was taking too much time, consumed too many resources, was error prone and, most commonly, depended too heavily on Excel. Although Excel is a great tool, it has many limitations when it comes to budgeting in an enterprise environment.

With that in mind, we built a CPM software solution taking the best of both worlds. An interface that uses the familiar interface of Excel, but with added functionality and built in controls that allow companies to easily and effectively roll out enterprise budgets and forecasts.

True Sky was born.

True Sky CPM software simplifies the budgeting and forecasting process by providing real-time access to information, increased process control, tight security and great accuracy, helping the CFO:

Today, True Sky is helping companies cut their budgeting process times by as much as 50% and most importantly, provide the CFO with the time and the confidence to strategize and make better business decisions.


The True Sky Team

Each and every member of the True Sky management team has over 30 years’ experience working with financial applications and helping organizations solve their business pains.

Our product team consists not only of software developers but also finance and business experts. It is this mix of skills and knowledge that allows True Sky to build a product that truly meets the needs of business and encourages user adoption throughout the organization.



George Braun, CPA, President

For the past 27 years, George has been helping companies streamline their business processes with their financial systems. Realizing that budgeting and forecasting was the biggest area of improvement for most companies, True Sky was developed. George is focused on building relationships with the partners and their clients. When he’s not working, you can find him mountain biking or kiteboarding on a tropical vacation.


Orgad Gratch, CPA, CEO

As a CPA himself, Orgad has worked with numerous companies in the financial systems space, and found budgeting was always a time consuming challenge. Seeing the need in the marketplace for a solution that was scalable, efficient and supported, True Sky was born. His focus is on customer service and ensuring clients’ needs are always understood and addressed.  When he’s not wearing his CEO hat, you can hear him quoting Seinfeld around the office or sharing stories about his daughter.



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