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Get Better Insights Into Your Financial Data with True Sky

True Sky gives you control of your budgeting, planning and forecasting process. By providing powerful data tools and an easy-to-use Excel interface, the time you traditionally spend on template creation, data input, data merging, and review is drastically reduced so you have more time to focus on analysis and strategy.

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How True Sky Corporate Performance Management Software Helps Your Business

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Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

  • Spend less time manually entering and formatting data
  • Leverage the maturity, robustness, and familiarity of Excel
  • Improve your existing processes with a highly flexible and configurable system
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Monitoring & Reporting

  • Access real-time data and drill down into external systems with sophisticated integrations
  • Effortlessly design and deploy reports customized for the end user
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  • Make informed and strategic decisions with all the data you need
  • Get a quick overview of important data in a visual format
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  • Squeeze every last drop of actionable information with organized and in-depth analytics
  • Spend more time analyzing and strategizing and less time managing the budget
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What True Sky Can Do

  • Financial Budgeting
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Compensation Planning
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Project Costs/Revenue
  • User Defined Modelling
  • Structured Data Capture

Why True Sky Can Do It So Well

  • Robust planning that enables your business to move forward
  • Accurate information at your fingertips with detailed dashboards
  • Custom templates that can easily be created and reused
  • Notes, comments and audit trails that give you insight behind the numbers
  • Intuitive and customizable entry methods that work for all users, regardless of their role and knowledge of budgeting and finance
  • Comprehensive security features that ensure your data is safe
  • Ability to prepare rolling forecasts and conduct unlimited ‘What If’ scenarios

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