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News Release

Welcome to the True Sky Blog!

This is our first post to this blog – a blog dedicated to the True Sky Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution.  We hope to use this forum to promote learning, sharing and discussions about True Sky.  We will offer tips and tricks, how-to’s and provide a place for friendly discourse about our product (Submit your comment in the box below!).

We are excited to see ‘our little solution’ grow and become a trusted budgeting and planning resource.

First, some overview…

What is True Sky?

True Sky Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution is a powerful, flexible tool that helps organizations manage and streamline their budgeting and planning processes.  The basic philosophy of True Sky can be best described as: Budget in Excel, Manage in SharePoint and Store in SQL Server.

Budget in Excel

True Sky allows End-Users to enter planning information in a familiar and easy to use tool – Microsoft Excel.  Unlike traditional Excel spreadsheet budget templates, True Sky templates are dynamic and can be used for multiple reporting units, and returns up-to-date data to the End-User.

Manage in SharePoint and Store in SQL Server

Monitoring and Administration of the planning processes are controlled in SharePoint and the data is securely stored in a centralized SQL database, rather than in the Excel file.

True Sky centralizes your data, making it secure, accessible and reliable, in other words, your budgeting data is not spread out in numerous files on countless laptops and desktops and shared drives.  Your data can be reported on in any sort of look and feel you desire – you build the templates that retrieve the data, which means that you control how the data looks.

There are many aspects to the True Sky solution that we will be exploring through the life of this blog – thanks for joining with us as we begin this journey.


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