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True Sky Version 2023 Now Available

True Sky Version 2023 is now available! 

This version includes improvements for end users, administrators, and template designers – see below for some specific examples. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to someone on the True Sky team or

End Users

  • “Toast” notification to provide information that their account has been locked
  • Ability to request a password reset from directly within the Excel client
  • Data population performance improvements for certain Template layouts utilizing Entity Lists or involving specific formula types.
  • Assignments, Reports, and Templates tabs in the Hub automatically hide/show based on the user’s assigned license type.
  • Resolution of various non-critical code issues
  • Ability for administrators to build integrations that prompt users for parameters to input at run time
  • Easier ability to group integrations together and set the order in which they run
  • Automatic syntax checking for administrators building integrations based on T-SQL queries
  • Ability to schedule integrations that use web services as the data source
  • Additional web service integration support (Sage Intacct, Microsoft Business Central, generic ODATA v4 support)
  • Reorganization of the user interface menu to better group items in a more logical manner
  • Addition of a “run all” button to process all Dimension Hierarchies after manual Dimension Member updates have been made
  • Cosmetic user interface changes/enhancements in select areas
  • Resolution of various non-critical code issues
Template Designers 
  • Ability to edit the data retrieved (e.g., flip negatives to positives, positives to negatives, divide by 1,000 for display purposes) on a Template-by-Template basis
  • Ability to determine by Intersection if Line-Item Details are required, optional or not available within a single template
  • Automatic population of an indicator in the Template to flag where Line-Item Details exist for either display purposes or formula calculations
  • Ability to flag columns and rows to automatically resize (i.e., autofit) after data retrieves
  • Automatic reopening of the Properties and Settings Panes after exiting Preview mode
  • Workbook Dimension Filters are now hidden by default unless the Template has multiple Worksheets
  • Ability to determine if the “Save and Continue” function is available for users on a Template-by-Template basis
  • Increase in size of the text box for Data Validations to make input easier
  • Automatic prevention of selecting a disabled Valid Combination Set to be used in a Template
  • Automatic prevention of selecting Hierarchies flagged as “Security” from being used during Template Design (enforces a best practice)
  • Enhancement to the “bulk edit” screens for Rows, Columns and Intersections to help speed design and editing of Templates
  • Ability to set which columns are available for spreading/seasonality/calendarization for end-users and for designers and to provide a more user-friendly name
  • Cosmetic user interface changes/enhancements in select areas
  • Resolution of various non-critical code issues