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True Sky

True Sky as an Alternative to Sage Budgeting and Planning (Active Planner)

Many Sage customers have relied on Sage Budgeting and Planning, or Active Planner, to manage their budgeting, planning and forecasting process. With the news of its retirement, customers must look for a new solution that not only meets their current needs but can also grow with the organization.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a new budgeting, planning and forecasting solution:

  1. End User Interface: A familiar and functional end user interface is imperative to ensure your end users can easily enter budget data and view key reports.
  2. ERP Integration: Being able to integrate seamlessly with data from your ERP is very important in ensuring the budgeting process is not overly cumbersome.
  3. Deployment Option: Having the flexibility to deploy a SaaS solution or on-premise without compromising features and functionality is important to most organizations.
  4. Functionality: To build a comprehensive budget, its important to have robust functionality in your solution. Easy ways to add notes and attachments, apply security, and manage workflow are examples of things you need your new budgeting solution to handle.

True Sky is a robust budgeting, planning and forecasting solution that allows organizations to continue using the powerful and familiar interface of Excel while providing real-time access to information, increased process control, tighter security and greater accuracy.

True Sky seamlessly integrates with your Sage ERP (along with other electronic data sources) so you have real-time access to pertinent budget information. Additionally, True Sky handles all of your reporting needs – from budget to actual reports to presentation-quality financial statements.

To learn more about how to seamlessly transition from Sage Budgeting and Planning to True Sky, reach out to us at or 1-855-TRUESKY.