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Top 5 Reasons Companies in the Healthcare Industry Would Benefit from True Sky

True Sky is a robust Corporate Performance Management solution that is very powerful for companies in the healthcare industry. Here are five of the top reasons you should consider moving your budgeting and reporting processes to True Sky.

#1 Integration

True Sky integrates seamlessly with your ERP, payroll solution, inventory solution, or other data source. You and your team will have real-time access to data your team needs to complete and analyze the budget. That could be prior year actuals, real-time counts of supplies like syringes or cotton swabs, or any other data.

#2 Ability to Budget for Multiple Locations, Disciplines, and Departments

If your organization is managing the complexity of managing multiple locations, specialties, or departments, True Sky can give you the flexibility to budget at any one of those levels and consolidate where required. With True Sky, you can distribute the work of budget input across the organization and ensure people have access to everything they need to see.

#3 Robust Compensation Planning/Payroll Budgeting

For many healthcare organizations, payroll is one of the largest costs and requires very detailed budgeting. True Sky gives you the ability to budget by employee and account for taxes, benefits, and other items that may max out or change throughout the year.

#4 Budgeting, Reporting, and Analysis in One System

True Sky provides you with one solution and one interface for all your budgeting and reporting needs. With True Sky, can you do all of your budgeting – financial, operational, compensation, etc. – and reporting – on budget data in True Sky or other data in any electronic system. True Sky produces presentation-quality financial reports. You can also take advantage of True Sky’s dashboarding functionality to build visual dashboards and conduct what-if analysis.

#5 Flexible Deployment Options

True Sky is available either on-premise or in the cloud. You get to take advantage of all the same, great functionality regardless of deployment method.

True Sky helps healthcare organizations take control over the budgeting process, reducing the administrative effort so your team can spend time on what matters. If you’re interested in more information, feel free to reach out to or register for our upcoming webinar.