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Things to Consider when Purchasing an ERP System

Deciding to purchase a new software solution and implement one out of the many options available on the market today is no small task for any organization. It is vital to plan and understand what exactly is needed to ensure the purchase and implementation process goes as smoothly as possible. In this blog, we discuss some things to consider when searching for a new ERP solution for your business.

Company Goals

Before beginning the procurement process, it is important to keep in mind what goals you are looking to achieve with the new ERP system. Then, compare these goals with your overall business strategy and goals, and see if they are aligned.  Whether it be for improving system efficiencies or to help your business branch out into new markets, it is important to think about how this this new system will help achieve long and short-term company goals.

System Requirements

Since ERP systems are usually used across many departments, it is crucial that you have input from stakeholders in all areas that will be using the system, including end users and managers. This will help identify and prioritize specific system requirements for your search, thus helping you evaluate potential vendors better.


When selecting a new ERP system, companies often underestimate the importance and cost (both time and money wise) of training. This can then lead to a lack of required resources to carry out training so that the system can be used to its full potential. When searching for a new ERP vendor, it is important to understand the level of training that your employees will require to get the best use of your new investment.

Other things to consider may include: system integrations (how will the new ERP system affect other systems currently in use?), budget (choosing the best system shouldn’t always be based on price), and references (what are current users of the system saying about the product?). Every organization will have different needs and requirements, but these are just a few things to consider. True Sky is an ERP solution that integrates with almost any existing ERP/CRM/HR or other electronic source data system. We help simplify the budgeting, planning and forecasting process for organizations across various industries and company sizes. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you at 1 855 878 3759, or visit our website