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Making Data Analysis Easier With Powerful Dashboards

The amount of data we are exposed to and have to comb through only continues to grow. As such, data analysis can become quickly overwhelming. However, if you have the right process management in place, it will help make things a lot easier. One of the ways we stay on top of data and help our clients do so as well is through the use of dashboards.

A dashboard gives you access to key performance indicators (KPIs) that your organization measures in a meaningful way. The best dashboards put the data into a visual format, such as a graph, chart or interactive map. To make the most of a dashboard and your data analysis, we have come up with a few tips and pointers to help you out:

Identify the KPIs Your Organization Wants to Measure

Having too many KPIs can be overwhelming as well, and not put you much further ahead than the current raw data you have available. Ensure the KPIs you choose are the most essential to help your business grow. A general rule of thumb can be choosing 1-2 KPIs for each area of your business.

Consider Speed and Ease of Use

Managers are time-pressed as is, so you want to make sure that the dashboard you create is easy to use and quick to access. As well, the data you deliver to them needs to be shown in an easily digestible way. Information fatigue syndrome is real, and you don’t want to overwhelm your already overwhelmed manager(s).

Choose Your Dashboarding Software with Care

There are a variety of tools out there to help you build your dashboards. Depending on what you want to measure, you may need a very simple software solution, or one that can handle more complex analysis and presentations. Every organization has different needs and priorities, so take your time and do your research before jumping into dashboarding.

True Sky’s software solution can help improve your budgeting, forecasting and data analysis needs. Our dashboards use the familiarity of Microsoft Excel’s charting capabilities to produce actionable data to help get you better results. Not to mention, it is completely customizable. If you’d like to learn more about True Sky and how we can help your organization, call us today at 1 855 878 3759.