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Don’t miss it: How True Sky Can Help You Reforecast During Turbulent Times

If you’d have told us just a few weeks ago that all movie theatres, shopping malls, and entertainment events would be closed – and that the NHL, MLB and NBA were on pause – I would have told you that you were watching too many SciFi movies.

But, here we are!

In a turbulent economy, what you do with your business can have a huge impact on your future. Whether your industry has slowed down or you’re one of the lucky ones who just can’t keep up with demand, the time to plan is now.

The finance and accounting teams must act quickly: developing models, scenarios, and managing the performance of the business in the short, medium and long term are critical.

Join us tomorrow as we show you live (and remotely, of course!) how True Sky gives you the agility and power to reforecast and adjust for turbulent times.


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