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Data Collection

Let True Sky Rescue you!

True Sky is more than just a traditional corporate performance management (CPM) tool. It can also help facilitate and structure any type of data capture process you have within your organization.

In many organizations, data is captured and stored either in individual spreadsheets or in emails. For instance, maybe your organization has multiple locations, each of which hold events on a regular basis. In order to analyze your marketing effectiveness you might wish to track the number of people who register for an event against the number who attend against the number who ask for follow-up information. If you don’t have some sort of event registration system or a customer relationship management system, then odds are you are using either spreadsheets and/or email to compile this valuable information. Employees enter information in their own spreadsheet or type it into the body of an email and send it to the unfortunate person who has to then juggle all the workbooks and emails, decipher the information within, determine what it means and then somehow merge it all into one comprehensive data set for analysis. This process is not only time consuming but prone to a lot of error. At the end of the day, data is missed, old or incomplete data is used and there is no insight into where the data came from, when was it collected or if it is even correct.

True Sky can help bring order to this spreadsheet/email chaos. Although often connected to a host data system such as an ERP, POS or CRM system, True Sky also provides the ability to also build stand-alone data models that are not linked to any back-end system. This means you can build your own data collection models that are specific to different business process, create input templates based on these models and roll out data collection assignments to your users. They can then enter in the values through True Sky’s easy to use Excel interface and save their work. In real-time your numbers will be centrally stored and automatically compiled with no worries about lost emails or copy/paste. In the end, you will get better information and you will get it faster and with less effort.

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