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Achieving Operational Alignment Budgeting for IT

Improve how you Budget for IT Within Your Organization

IT departments handle an increasing range of responsibilites, including maintaining company software, troubleshooting and cybersecurity. What does your organization do to ensure you have the right resources available to meet your IT goals and needs? Our blog today offers tips on how to budget for your IT needs and why it is important to do so.

Involve the IT Team Early in the Budgeting and Planning Process

Since IT is involved in so many company initiatives, they should play a role in the overall planning process. Knowing things such as technical constraints ahead of time can help better influence business decisions. As well, this allows the IT team to budget their resources adequately ahead of any new projects or system implementations.

Allow Wiggle Room

Organizations that budget their resources at 100% capacity can run into issues later down the road. If a few months after your budget is completed and a new IT support priority comes up, what resources will you have available? Ensure you account for some wiggle room that will compensate for any unexpected issues that may arise.

Align Business and IT

Identify any current or upcoming technology projects/investments that support and further your organization’s business goals, and then map the said investments into your strategic business plan. This will help ensure adequate funding is provided based on value that certain projects involving IT may bring to the organization.

Security as its own Line Item

Security is such an important part of any organization. To protect your data, products and services, IT security resources need to be well-funded and maintained. As such, you should budget specifically for cyber security in your organization since it plays such a vital role in any company’s growth and success.

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