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5 Tips for Maintaining and Improving Productivity in the Workplace

You pride yourself on being ‘organized’ and ‘on top of things’, your calendar is colour coded and you’re on a strict schedule –  But, we all know it is nearly impossible to ALWAYS have complete control over every situation at hand. Test yourself, or your staff, with these productivity habits below.

To-do Lists

Do you have too many? The more you have, the less likely you are to follow up on certain tasks in a timely manner. Try to have no more than one master ‘personal’ list, and one ‘work’ list. It is good to review these daily, and ensure you aren’t overloading your plate. If projects require multiple lists at work, don’t be afraid of reaching out for help and asking others to help ‘own’ certain tasks. Making use of your calendar to make time to complete tasks on these lists is a great way to keep you on track.

Writing Things Down

Professionals are smart people of course, but we can’t always just ‘remember’ everything. Not writing things down can lead to missed commitments or deadlines, making yourself look irresponsible or unreliable. It is a good idea to have a note pad to write down important tasks/responsibilities every day and promise yourself to schedule time to get these done… part of a to-do list. Note-taking is a great skill to have, and keeps your memory and creativity sharp.

Taking Time for Yourself

Is your phone always on? Today’s world is very connected, and executives and other business professionals strive to be ‘always on’. However, this can take a toll on your sleep, relationships and overall health. Set boundaries such as ‘no phones during dinner’, and ensure you are making (and taking) some quiet down time for yourself. This will help protect your sanity, and that of your loved ones.

Using your Planner or Calendar Effectively

Continuing from the last point, a day without any breaks or buffer time is a day set up for failure. Productive executives and managers leave time for the unexpected and account for ‘cushion’ time around meetings, major events and lunches. Giving yourself that little bit of extra wiggle room can be the difference between being prepared for a meeting, and being completely overwhelmed and disengaged. So do yourself a favour, and leave that extra bit of time for yourself and anything that may come up.

Asking for Help

Asking for help can be improperly viewed as someone being weak or unable to do their job. However, realizing you need help, and asking for it is very much the opposite. Seeking out guidance, clarification, assistance or advice is greatly beneficial and can lead to increased creativity, problem solving and productivity in the workplace. Speak up and seek help when needed – yourself and your organization can grow immensely from increased collaboration between employees.

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