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Why True Sky is a Service, Not Just a Software Solution

When we developed True Sky, we didn’t want it to be just another piece of budgeting software. Our goal was to create a world-class corporate performance management solution that would give business leaders the insight to make better, more strategic business decisions.

That’s because True Sky wasn’t developed in a silo by software engineers. The company was founded by a group of CPAs and subject matter experts – people who know what CFOs and finance staff actually need in order to make their organizations more productive, efficient, and successful.

Then, we partnered with the best software developers we could ask for, like Alan Whitehouse, True Sky’s Chief Solution Architect. Together, we’ve worked for years to make True Sky as helpful to businesses as a budgeting and forecasting solution can possibly be.

In order to do that, we knew we had to make True Sky a service, not just a software solution. But what, you may ask, is the difference?

Automated processes versus manual processes

With a budgeting, planning, and forecasting service like True Sky, the administrative tasks are automated. That means you spend less time manually merging spreadsheets, creating and distributing reports, or going through the approvals process, for example.

In addition, True Sky is a real-time service. In other words, when you enter data into the system, it updates in real time, giving you and everyone at your organization the confidence that you’re always accessing current, up-to-date numbers.

Expertise, not just software

Because True Sky was developed by a team that includes CPAs and finance experts, users receive more than just the technical advantages of a comprehensive budgeting and forecasting solution.

They’re also benefiting from the more than 25 years’ experience working with financial applications that each and every member of True Sky’s management team brings to this product. True Sky team members have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years to help them solve their business problems by creating software solutions that meet their individual needs.

What does this mean for True Sky users?

Most of all, this combination of finance and software expertise means that using True Sky will be easier and more intuitive. This is true not just for CFOs and other finance staff, but for users outside finance, too.

After working so closely with so many businesses on their financial systems over the years, one thing we’ve noticed is that budgeting software can often be intimidating for users who work in other departments, like human resources or administration.

Yet there will always be times when staff in these departments must enter data, pull a report, or otherwise interact with their company’s financial software. If doing so takes an untenable amount of time or is too complex, then it stands to reason that these staff members will interact with the system as little as possible, which almost guarantees that your company won’t reap the full value that the software can offer.

This is why we based True Sky in the familiar, easy-to-use Excel interface. True Sky isn’t just Excel-like – it is Excel, using all the same features that workers are already familiar with. This means that users in every department can log in, enter or view data quickly and easily, and then get on with their days.

True Sky also emphasizes the need for actionable insight. If you can’t gain actionable insight from your data, then it’s not doing you much good no matter how granular it might be. With True Sky, users can add attachments or comments to their entries that show the reasoning behind the numbers.

This will help you and your finance team gain context from your forecast or budget, and ultimately make more strategic business decisions.

Ready to learn more about True Sky? For a quick and easy read, take a look at our chart illustrating how True Sky can help your business.