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Corporate Performance Management

Upgrading Your Corporate Performance Management System

It is human nature to want the best. Your company is likely no different. Upgrading to the latest and greatest version of something often seems like a simple decision – but is it? Is a love of ‘shiny, new things’ causing a not-so-careful consideration of the benefits of upgrading? Are you upgrading your corporate performance management system for the right reasons, and in the right way?

Here are some things to think about before taking the leap.

Do you need a system upgrade for compliance reasons? If you’re required to upgrade to meet current industry requirements/standards, there isn’t really a decision to be made.

How are you using your current system? Before you jump to upgrade, make sure you are getting the most out of your existing version. Are you already taking full advantage of everything it has to offer? If not, will you be likely to do so with a newer version?

Sometimes when a new version is released, instead of just upgrading to be compliant, you may want to re-evaluate how you are using the current version, especially if there is new functionality that can benefit your business.

Are there serious benefits to re-implementing or optimizing? If users are already familiar with the system, new functionality may help them use it even better, making the system – and your people – more efficient and effective.

Has your business changed since initial implementation? If so, your current system may not be working well for you anymore as the original reasons behind that system may no longer be relevant.

Will an upgrade make features you currently rely on obsolete? If an upgrade means certain functionality becomes lost to you, what training or system processes will be required to adapt?

Is your version still supported? If something goes wrong, its important it can be fixed. Neglecting to upgrade when you’re multiple versions behind could mean you’re risking it all if something goes wrong.

In many cases, upgrading to the newest version of your corporate performance management system just makes good business sense. Often newer versions offerbetter functionality or newer features. In some cases, these are based on customer feedback and thus are incredibly useful. That being said, sometimes an upgrade will result in more time and resources spent when you’re not actually getting anything in the end.

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