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True Sky Session on Financial Forecasting and Budgeting at Sage Summit in Toronto

Financial forecasting and business budgeting: things you can’t live with, but can’t live without! However, if your current financial forecasting, planning and budgeting process makes you feel as though your company is falling behind, or as though you’re constantly lagging when it comes to accurate numbers and data, maybe it is time for a change! Excel is a great tool for budgeting, but has limitations for an enterprise budgeting process, True Sky uses Excel as an interface and builds upon it.

True Sky can help. We’re excited to be hosting a session at the Sage Summit in Toronto next week – giving you the answers you need to learn how to rise to the challenge of better business budgeting and forecasting! Will you be there?

If you’re attending the Sage Summit, be sure to catch our session, Faster and More Accurate Financial Forecasting Planning and Budgeting, on June 27th at 11:30. During the session, we will share some great information and advice about how to streamline your budgeting and planning process and obtain more accurate, up-to-date numbers, making financial budgeting and forecasting far more valuable. Have questions? We’ll answer them!

With True Sky corporate performance management software, you can simplify the budgeting and forecasting process. Build on the powerful foundation of Excel and make it better!

For more about how True Sky can help your business budget more effectively, in real time, call us today at 1-855-878-3759 or visit for a full overview of everything this CPM software has to offer your business!