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The History of Microsoft Excel (and How True Sky Makes it Even Better!)

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Without a doubt, Microsoft Excel is one of the greatest tools ever developed for businesses. When it comes to corporate budgeting software, there’s really no better option out there than Excel for maximizing your company’s profits and productivity.

At True Sky, our goal is to demonstrate the value of Excel and add our own contribution to make the industry-changing software even more efficient for your corporate budgeting needs.

But wait… how did Excel rise to become such an integral tool for businesses everywhere?

Let’s find out and dive right in to Microsoft Excel history!

In the Beginning

Like other software developed since the onset of the digital information age, Excel’s beginnings are in the humble medium of paper and pencil. Lots and lots of paper and pencils.

Can you imagine the hundreds of pages of spreadsheets you would have had to fill in by hand for budget presentations as an early accountant? Just think about the math to perform, the corrections you’d have to make, the chaos and confusion!

The idea alone makes me shudder.

But the paper spreadsheet (which had dominated business finance since capitalism really took off as a global financial model) was finally replaced by its digital form when businesses saw the utility of computer systems in their offices.

Digital spreadsheets were developed by Professor Richard Mattessich in 1961, but it wasn’t until the early 1980s that the tech giants took their turns at mastering their own versions of corporate budgeting software. Microsoft originally called their software Multiplan in 1982, but they renamed it Excel in 1985.

The rest is history.

The Impact of Excel

The electronic spreadsheet was the basis for a revolution in accounting. It completely changed the profession by allowing businesses to do away with entire offices filled with bookkeepers and accountants, replacing them instead with a single, streamlined process for tracing their growth.

The force of change has been so dramatic, Planet Money calls the electronic spreadsheet “the language of finance.”

Accountants don’t have to be simple number crunchers anymore. Now, with the tools provided by Excel, they’re allowed to work more creatively, helping to shape business models through the insights provided by their corporate budgeting software.

How True Sky Can Maximize Your Microsoft Excel Experience

Because we understand the value of Microsoft Excel in growing your business, our goal at True Sky is to build upon and perfect that excellent system. We have created a way to make your experience with corporate budgeting software as simple and rewarding as possible.

With True Sky, you’ll stop wasting time on tedious administrative tasks. Our solution uses a true Excel interface and provides you high quality, detailed and live information to help you align strategies and priorities, meet financial targets, and adjust rapidly to the changing market.

Plus, your employees can apply what they already know of Excel to our software and never feel overwhelmed. Our solution allows you to centralize the whole process by reducing the effort required to analyze large sums of data and create budget forecasts with ease.

Just as Microsoft Excel changed the game in corporate budgeting software, so does True Sky in simplifying and enhancing the overall budgeting process. If you want to learn more about True Sky, feel free to contact us today!