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The 3 Big Reasons to Go to Money20/20 in 2015

Money 20/20 Conference

One of the countless great things about Vegas is how many awesome expos and conferences are held there every year.

And this time around, there’ll be one of the most important conferences of the year: Money20/20!

With projected numbers of more than 10,000 attendees, more than 3000 companies, and over a thousand CEOs, all representing more than 75 countries, Money20/20 sounds like the place to be. I mean, why else would True Sky be so excited about attending?

The event takes place between Oct. 25 and Oct. 28 in the Venetian luxury resort hotel and casino in Las Vegas, and you should probably book your tickets now. If you aren’t convinced quite yet, check out these 3 big reasons you should attend Money20/20:

1. Enhance Your Business with Rare Promotional Opportunities

Money20/20 provides arguably the very best platform available for maximizing your business’s ability to generate buzz around new announcements.

According to the event website, more than 150 important announcements were made at Money20/20 last year, which helped to stir up a frenzy of conversation concerning industry news.

If you’re looking into promoting your business, Money20/20 is the place to both make your announcements and grab the industry attention you’ve been looking for!

2. Hear Engaging Speakers

Money20/20 has no lack of speakers with fantastic credentials – seriously, they’re awesome! The names and industries represented alone are a convincing reason to plan to attend the event.

Here’s a list of several people who are scheduled to speak at the event:

  • Jack Dorsey – CEO & Founder, Square
  • Himet Ersek – CEO & President, Western Union
  • Robert Greifeld – CEO, Nasdaq
  • Deborah Liu – Head of Payments & Commerce, Facebook
  • Jud Linville – Citi Cards, Citigroup
  • Sridhar Ramaswamy – SVP, Ads & Commerce, Google
  • Dan Schulman – President & CEO, PayPal

Those names are some of the biggest across a wide range of business, especially in the modern tech industry and media. Their presence will bring such gravity to the goings-on of the conference that your business will have the perfect opportunity to launch new ideas and projects!

And that’s not all. There are a total of 570 confirmed speakers to date. At the very least, Money20/20 will be incredibly informative and exciting for any business looking to soak up some serious knowledge.

3. Make an Impact

Money20/20 is jam-packed with sponsors from more than 500 of the latest startups. Being the largest global event for financial services sponsoring innovation in the fields of marketing, retail, data and technology, and mobile, there’s no better place to proudly rub shoulders with other industry giants.

Just showing up and listing your business amongst so many other successes and innovators is a huge step in achieving even greater success.

And, if you plan well, you may be able to knock the socks off of other people in the industry. There’s no better place to bring out the big guns to thoroughly impress.

If you do make it, you may even run into some of our True Sky representatives. Don’t hesitate to say hello – we’d love to meet with you! And, if you want to contact us before them, you can always reach out to us online!

Don’t forget to book your rooms early or else they may sell out… Something tells me you won’t regret it!

After all, how many people come back from Vegas without any interesting stories?