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Simplifying the Forecasting Process

Just because your budget is complex does not mean that your budgeting process has to be. As you ramp up your forecasting, you need a tool that adapts with you. Spreadsheets and email just do not provide the flexibility you need and are often very administratively heavy to update regularly.

It is important that the tools you are using for the forecasting process enable you for success. The tool you choose should allow for collaboration, reduced cost, and a simpler interface. We can only speak to our solution, True Sky, but we can say with confidence that our program delivers on all of those fronts.

With True Sky, you can analyze and compare both your forecasts and your budgets in detail, and you can even view different versions of them side by side. You will be able to evaluate trends, prepare for different possibilities, and make decisions that power your business forward.

Plus, True Sky works with Microsoft Excel, so you will be working in an interface that you already know, with software that makes the process simpler and automatic.

Whatever solution you choose, look for one that does not add more headaches than it eliminates. You want software that is flexible, secure, and customizable to your team.