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The Sage Summit 2014 has been a whirlwind of a week! From keynote presentations to product demonstrations, the amount of learning that has occurred in such a short period of time is outstanding. Aside from our own learning, attendees at the Sage Summit have also educated themselves on how True Sky can improve their planning, budgeting and forecasting process. We have been manning, and wo-manning, our lovely booth and answering lots of great questions, so we thought we’d post some of the most common questions we faced, and answer them for our online community.

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So True Sky is kind of like Excel, right?


Wrong! True Sky is Excel. Unlike most budgeting software that offer only “Excel-like” functionality, True Sky allows users to function within a native and familiar interface that leverages the power of Excel without forcing you to work in another interface.


For many of our employees, English is not their first language. How does True Sky address this challenge


True Sky offers bi-lingual capability at the moment, with our interface being offered in an entirely French format. In addition, it is in our growth track to add more languages to the software when necessary for our clients.
Updated: True Sky is now available in Spanish.


We are based in the United States, can True Sky still help us?


Of Course! In fact, although we are based in Markham, Ontario, True Sky recently announced partnership with a large U.S. firm called SWK Technologies. They will soon be including True Sky as one of their product offerings, helping us better serve our U.S. customer base.


How much time can True Sky actually save our finance group?


In short, it depends on the amount of employees and spreadsheets involved in the budgeting and planning process. True Sky will save your finance group a significant amount of time, especially in the areas of merging multiple spreadsheets and analyzing the data. With a Corporate Performance Management solution, like True Sky, it will allow more time for strategic thinking.


Can True Sky integrate with Sage ERP X3?


Yes, True Sky can integrate with Sage ERP X3, but it can also integrate with any electronic data source. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Epicor, True Sky works with any ERP system.


Is True Sky just for finance?


Definitely not! True Sky was designed to spread budgeting accountability across all departments. Say your marketing manager needs to submit and track their budget, True Sky allows them to easily input their numbers using a customizable template. Templates are designed for the user. Then the information is merged automatically and reviewed by the finance department.


Is there the ability to do versioning?


Yes, True Sky allows for unlimited versioning, so you compare your budget year-to-year, day-to-day or anything in between.


Try out our True Sky calculator to see how much time and money can be saved using by using a CPM solution!


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