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Corporate Performance Management

How to Align Your Corporate Performance Management with Strategic Business Direction

In any business, change is inevitable in order to achieve growth. Those organizations that remain stagnant almost always fall behind. Such change often necessitates a reconfiguring of various programs and processes, often resulting in significant time and resource management. Often, during this transition, attention and consideration need to be paid to your corporate performance management systems.

Business changes can require system changes. If new operations are added or new reporting requirements should be implemented, you need to be on top of it all the time. However, just because your business has changed doesn’t mean your corporate performance management systems need to change. Sometimes they just need to be revisited in order to achieve alignment.

Is this something you can manage on your own, with the assistance of your IT department? Perhaps. Before making that determination, ask yourself if your tech team can spare the time for this task, or if they are fluent enough to carry it out and implement all essential changes/upgrades.

If you want to ensure the greatest level of success you may need to look further afield. Consider working with a partner who can understand your changing business direction and identify potential gaps in your current systems. Working with someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the financial industry doesn’t hurt either — that way they know why you’re using that software, and for what.

Don’t forget about training. Whether the system is completely new, has been upgraded, or you think it is time to refresh your team members on the best way to do things, make time for formal training. When you invest in corporate performance management software you want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for, meaning taking every opportunity to utilize any and all features that are relevant to your business.

It’s like buying a house to fit your furniture, rather than buying furniture to fit your house. Systems should support your business, not dictate how your business runs.

As your organization grows and develops, you always want to maintain a certain degree of control over everything — no matter how much gets delegated across the board. Alignment makes this much easier.

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