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Has Your Organization Outgrown Excel?

There is no getting around it – Microsoft Excel can be a great tool for budgeting and forecasting, but it has its limitations. Often, that can look like less security, lengthy formatting time, inaccurate data, difficulty merging spreadsheets, etc.

Here are some signs you may have outgrown Excel:

  • You rely on multiple contributors to one spreadsheet.
  • Frequent reviews and edits of spreadsheet content are required.
  • Spreadsheets get so complex that only one very special and specific person in the whole company is allowed (or able) to maintain them.
  • You require manual entry of data into several different systems or spreadsheets.

Investing in an enterprise solution can take your templates and entry forms to a new level and make collaborating much less of a burden. And you do not even have to stop working in Excel. Some software does more with Excel, so you are still working in a familiar interface.

We can only speak to our enterprise solution, True Sky. Did you know that True Sky works with Excel, giving you the best of both worlds?

With True Sky, you can:

  • Have better control over spreadsheet visibility (who can see what data).
  • Automatically integrate data from other systems, so data is only entered once and then automatically shared. This eliminates manual entry errors and saves time and resources.
  • Eliminate user frustration by tailoring True Sky to meet your preferences.
  • Create a completely custom budgeting experience, including creating your own templates that work the way your users think.
  • Automate data capture for real-time, accurate numbers.

Users can also leave detailed comments and attachments in the spreadsheets, which really helps when it is time to analyze. You can simply look at the comments to understand the numbers.

Think about it, whether you use Microsoft Excel, True Sky, or another solution, you want one that works with your unique needs and makes the process as simple as possible. What budgeting solution are you invested in for your organization?