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Integration Automation

Eliminating Re-entries and Errors: Integration Automation

Your network is a mix of system components and data sources that, when used effectively, inform departments and provide data to create a cohesive understanding of your organization as a whole. These systems work to keep your organization running smoothly – but is it running as smoothly as possible? Today we’re talking integration automation.

Standalone systems create work and the potential for errors – especially when entries are being re-entered multiple times into several different systems. Rather than re-entering transactions, integration will eliminate that double entry.

For example, if you’re running multiple systems, with no integration, and relying on manual entry for each system, what’s the process? If you bring on a new customer, and that customer’s information is required across a variety of systems (accounting, sales, shipping, etc.), your team members are entering that data in several different places. What, then, is the system of record? With integration, once the initial data is entered, it is automatically shared across all required systems. This is important to take into consideration as it can significantly impact your resources and the time spent streamlining your information.

When should you integrate? When data volumes become too large, when you are dealing with a large volume of activity, when you are continually transferring data from A – B manually – these are good indicators that integration automation would benefit your business. Ask yourself “Should I be tying these two together to share the information and will doing so make things better?” If the answer is yes, integration is probably worth considering.

Things to contemplate:

  • Will this integration (and thus, the data) exist in the cloud, thereby making is easily accessible for those with the right access?
  • Can the required systems be connected?
  • Does the automation need to happen overnight (based on volume)?
  • Frequency – how often does it need to happen? How often does the data change and how much does that change matter to existing systems?


How much are you spending each year on the manual re-entry of data? How much are errors as a result of that re-entry costing your company? How much could you save with integration automation? While it may take some initial legwork, the end result will make it worth it!

At True Sky, integration automation is a key benefit of our CPM solution. In order for your information to be meaningful, it has to receive reliable and accurate information from all relevant data sources We have the experience and knowledge that makes integrating your various systems easy. We can get you connected – saving you time and money. Call us today at 1-855-878-3759.