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Data Warehouse

Automating Your Data Warehouse to Save Time and Money

There are many benefits to having a data warehouse for reporting and analysis, and even more upsides to automating it.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a data warehouse is a record of all the data an organization’s business systems collect. It can allow you to analyze data from multiple sources in one place.

Setting up a data warehouse can seem straightforward, but the challenge comes from putting the data to use. If you need to hire a developer to program code every time you want to produce a report, that can get expensive quickly. Business automation is becoming the way of future for many processes and data collection is no different.

Automating your data warehouse can:

  • Let you save time and money. With business automation, the coding is done automatically — no need to hire an outside programmer. And the reports are ready at the push of a button.
  • Make your data more flexible. Being able to customize reports and data capture can significantly improve your business insights. You can compare different data to reveal patterns and trends you might not have otherwise seen.
  • Provide consistency and continuity. Human error is a fact of life, but the beauty of business automation is it eliminates most of the mistakes. Automatically entering in the data means that it’s all entered the same way, so it’s easier to consolidate and analyze, plus you can trust the accuracy.
  • Help you stay focused on what really matters: reporting and analyzing, rather than coding or inputting.


Data warehouse automation can help with all facets of business, but especially those where you’re working with a lot of numbers, like the budgeting process. Collecting the data is only the first step — the second step is being able to analyze it, quickly and accurately.

Luckily, automating your data collection and data warehousing is easier than ever these days with advanced business intelligence tools. A good business intelligence tool will help with data warehousing and let you quickly access reports. Some will even turn your raw data into easy-to-understand visuals.

Take True Sky, for example. Our financial software lets your company conduct automated data capture, so you can focus more on moving your business forward. You can turn that data into dashboards and interactive reports, giving you more business insight than ever before.

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