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Cyber Security

Cyber Security: How Protected Are You, Really?

Here’s our stat for the week, and it’s a startling one: a ransomware attack occurs every 45 seconds.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and as a technology company, that means a great deal to us. Since ‘cyber’ represents our literal bread and butter, it’s fair to say we’re more than interested in both raising awareness of cyber security and helping those we work with increase their own protection.

So, as the spirit of the season would dictate, ask yourself when was the last time you thought about your own system’s security, beyond the required anti-virus software? How protected are you, really?

Often we forget how easy it is to become a victim of cyber crime. Just think about the various Locky Ransomware hacks that cost various organizations thousands of dollars over the last year. To find out more about Locky Ransomware, check out this great article from ZDNet. It uncovers the history of this incredibly frustrating and costly security attack since it first appeared out of the blue last year:

Or consider the recent Equifax and Yahoo hacks…

Sometimes these are the result of very complex schemes, but sometimes a few simple habits can seriously increase your own protection and that of your organization’s information. Here are just a few of them.

Not taking the “it won’t happen to us” approach. This is by far the best attitude to have if you’re looking to give hackers free reign over your information. And this could cost you big money (and time) if it is held for ransom. Being too lax with your cyber security leaves you open to risk. Take those extra precautions and you’re already far more protected.

Avoid clicking on hyperlinks in emails. Almost all cyber attacks and the data breaches that occur as a result originate here – with an email phishing scheme. We’ve all done it, but clicking on those hyperlinks is a bad habit we need to break. Some of those emails seem so legitimate now, and since they’re all too often sent from a source that looks legitimate as well, it usually seems harmless. It isn’t. Adopt an attitude of ‘ask, don’t touch’ within your organization. Of course our hyperlinks are safe:)

Change your password more often. A simple way to decrease your overall level of risk is by implementing a password changing day. Once a month, or at the very least once a quarter, make sure all employees are encouraged/required to change their passwords.

Arguably the most important thing you can do is institute a strategy for data back-up. Since ransomware is effective because it holds your data hostage, the more data you have backed-up, the better off you’ll be should something happen. Sure, you may be forced to pay for your lax security attitude, but you won’t lose any information.

Don’t take anything for granted. Just because you haven’t been the victim yet doesn’t mean you’re not ripe for the picking.

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