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Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management Software: Why Support Is Crucial

As with any software solution that your organization depends on, your corporate performance management (CPM) software needs to be online, up-to-date, and running without a hitch, at all times. Without access to effective support, your systems can fall behind or worse, produce inconsistent and unreliable results so that there is no faith in the data and KPIs being presented. Ensuring that new updates are installed, that all team members are trained efficiently, and that your system is set up to deliver exactly what you want, all the time, is critical.

What is the right level of support for you? Is time of the essence or can you wait a day or two or even a week to have issues resolved or updates completed. And does support need to be local and available on site or can it be easily delivered remotely?

You want to be sure that those providing the support are experienced – not just with the software, but also with your specific industry to be sure your needs are understood and addressed.

Other than addressing ‘break/fix’ issues, here are some other types of support to consider:

  • Make sure that updates, new installs, and user acceptance testing (UAT) are completed to garner the most from the software.
  • Maintain your investment with regular service to ensure it doesn’t break down in the middle of a project.
  • Refresher and new user training helps to ensure everyone is on the same page and taking full advantage of the corporate performance management software you have in place.

Supporting your system to optimize your usage is the best way to keep everything running smoothly. When you spend time and resources on the right corporate performance management software, and use it daily, a continuous investment to maintain your system just makes sense.

At True Sky, we know that running corporate performance management software is very valuable – and likely something you depend on the keep your processes running well – but it is only as valuable as the support that accompanies it. We can keep you going. Get in touch today by calling 1-855-878-3759.