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Corporate Budgeting Software

Corporate Budgeting Software Issues – An IT or an Office of the CFO Responsibility?

corporate-budgeting-software-smIn most organizations the IT department is understandably on the hook resolving all technology issues, typically including corporate software-related implementation and maintenance. That’s fair – after all, that is what they are mandated and trained to do. Technology, for good reason, will likely always remain the purview of IT experts, and usually it is best let with them get on with what they do best. However, how do you approach issues that may involve some sort of technology such as specialized application software, but is really an LOB issue that in the case of corporate budgeting and forecasting is squarely in the Office of the CFO’s space and is more a financial issue than a technology issue? How do you resolve the issues of highly confidential corporate budgeting data and the real time immediacy of budget data revisions, what-if modeling etc.? Should this be the responsibility of IT? Do you really want it to be?

What about managing budgeting and forecasting user access over the network or corporate intranet? Is control by another department conducive to an efficient and flexible corporate budgeting process? Access absolutely needs to be controlled – but direct IT management can complicate the Office of the CFO process.

How does a “software” solution that makes the political issue of departmental control go away? Seem like a pipedream? Stay with us, we promise it gets better.

Consider a fully secure real-time budgeting and forecasting application doesn’t require implementation on the corporate servers, enabling a partnership with IT for standardized user access controls without any actual need for IT ownership. With a stand-alone, yet integrated corporate budgeting software solution designed to give complete process control to the Office of the CFO, the pipedream becomes a reality.

Consider a system that defines who has access based on parameters set by the Office of the CFO, one that creates a permission hierarchy, manages login permissions and data input / review / revision rights, and controls report viewing capabilities.

All very nice, but what about when support is required? Isn’t IT still going to be involved? Again, with the right system, ongoing support without ongoing involvement from IT is assured.

At True Sky, we understand the need for airtight budgeting and forecasting security and controlled data access.  We also understand the need for flexibility and control by the Office of the CFO.  Live the pipedream! Contact us today by calling 1 855 878 3759.