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CFO of the Future

Anatomy of the CFO of the Future, According to CFO Magazine

cfo-of-the-future-smWith an ever changing economy, technological advances that make the Jetsons look like they’re falling behind, and competition the scope of which most industries have never seen, the role of the CFO is an ever-evolving, fast-paced one. While your responsibilities may look the same, the ways in which you accomplish each task may not. Additionally, with the rise of digital and how it is incorporated into almost every facet of an organization’s day-to-day functioning, adaptability and flexibility are now the name of the game.

We recently came across an article from CFO Magazine that we felt really hit the nail on the head as far as how a CFO’s role and the requirements of such a position have changed. “Anatomy of the Future CFO” delves into what is required of current CFOs and how certain traits are necessary in an ever-changing world.

According to the article, “To best cope with digital-driven disruption, companies are looking for finance leaders who can adapt the enterprise to a changing environment. Moving through abrupt change, the senior finance executive of the future will look more progressive than the CFO of even just a year ago.”

This means the CFO of the future must have the following traits:

–           A visionary third eye for the future

–           A shape-shifting mode for constant transformation

–           A magnetic field for the network economy

–           A strong hand for governance

–           Flexibility

–           An array of custom tools

Check out the article in full here:

So, as the CFO of your organization and the owner of the corporate budgeting “promise”, do you have these traits? Are adaptability and flexibility part of your ballgame?

At True Sky, we appreciate the evolving requirements for a CFO and recognize the need to adapt. This is particularly relevant when it comes to your budgeting and forecasting processes and tools, and if you’re using Excel you have probably already seen the need for change. Want to start looking to the future? Call us today at 1 855 878 3759.