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Budgeting, Planning and Sales Forecasting Software Made Easy!

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Complex Doesn't Have to Mean Difficult

All businesses have uniquely complex budgeting and forecasting needs, but it doesn’t mean they have to use complex, incomprehensible business budgeting software. True Sky has the features to handle the unique needs of a business, all while remaining elegantly simple for anyone to use – especially if they’re not in finance.

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True Sky Uses Excel

While some solutions claim to be “Excel-like”, True Sky IS Excel. It has all the same Excel functionalities that most are already familiar with. Spreadsheet fields can be populated using the same methods as always – by entering numbers, copying and pasting, or by calculation with formulas. No new functions to learn, no new environment to navigate. True Sky sales forecasting software is intuitive and makes for quick user adoption.

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True Sky Speaks The Language of The User

Since True Sky is not exclusive to the finance team, templates are designed to be user-friendly for every department in the company. Don’t know what GL means, let alone how to create a budget with it? No problem – True Sky sales forecasting software allows companies to budget the way the users think, yet satisfying the needs of finance. True Sky makes sense.

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True Sky Makes Workflow Simple and Transparent

Which manager needs to approve this budget next? Who still hasn’t seen it? Has every department entered their data? What are the next steps? True Sky eliminates the questions and the confusion by streamlining the workflow process, allowing for easy collaboration, and providing real-time updates to every user. True Sky enables efficient, productive communication.

True Sky is Easily Integrated Into Existing Systems

Designed to fit seamlessly within any company’s ecosystem of applications and programs, True Sky sales forecasting software can integrate with any electronic data source imaginable – both inbound and outbound.  This includes ERP, CRM and HR/P systems as well as web services, Excel or flat text files. True Sky is integrated.

True Sky Allows For Different Versions and “What-if” Scenarios

Need historical data from a previous version of the budget? Or maybe the company wants to see what could happen if a few variables were to change. True Sky gives companies the ability to quickly and easily access older versions of any given budget, as well as projecting possible future scenarios. True Sky is agile.

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True Sky Allows For Multiple Currencies and Languages

Going international doesn’t have to mean extra headaches. True Sky sales forecasting software has the capability to work with multiple currencies at once, negating the need for conversion calculations and other time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Languages include English, French and Spanish. True Sky is universal.

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True Sky is Secure

We take the data security of businesses seriously at True Sky. From macro security measures such as dynamic security rendering of templates for individual users, clearing of any data from other users, to customizable settings that allow businesses to hide only certain pieces of information in a spreadsheet, their data is protected within True Sky. True Sky is a stronghold.

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