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George Braun and Orgad Gratch Moving to True Sky Full-Time

After 30 years of working with TGO Consulting, founding partners George Braun and Orgad Gratch are moving on from the company. The decision follows the acquisition of TGO by SHEA Business Solutions.

Braun and Gratch have sold TGO and are moving on to build True Sky, a Corporate Performance Management tool that provides control and insight over the budgeting and forecasting process. Their other founding partner, Tracey Crane-Whitehouse, is remaining with TGO.

“We are extremely excited for the opportunity to be able to focus our efforts on True Sky,” stated Braun, CPA, President, True Sky. “This software has great potential for revolutionizing the budgeting, planning, and forecasting process for companies using Microsoft Excel.”

“We are grateful for our time with TGO Consulting,” stated Gratch, CPA, CEO, True Sky. “We want to thank everyone who has been involved with TGO over the 30 years. We hope to continue those relationships with our new endeavor.”

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