True Sky for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare budgeting, planning and forecasting requires a robust and flexible solution to manage the process. True Sky gives you the tools you need to drive the business forward and make smart business decisions with all of the information.

Integrate with Data You Need

True Sky’s integration is unmatched. True Sky seamlessly integrates with almost any electronic data source, whether that’s your ERP for financial data, inventory system for information on supplies, or HR system for payroll and expense data. True Sky’s robust integrations and drill-down functionality ensure you have real-time access to the data you need for the budgeting and planning process without manual intervention.

Leverage Excel for Budgeting and Reporting 

With True Sky, end users continue to interact with Excel, which ensures user adoption is high and training time and costs are low. Continue to take advantage of Excel’s powerful functionality while gaining security, control, and additional tools that make True Sky a truly enterprise solution. With True Sky, you have one interface for all of your budgeting and reporting needs.

Understand and Plan for Compensation Expenses 

Compensation, or payroll expenses, are often a large portion of healthcare companies’ total expenses; accurate compensation or personnel planning is critical. With True Sky, you can easily integrate data from your payroll and/or HR system to accurately calculate hours, salaries, and benefits. If desired, use True Sky to allocate these expenses across different dimensions like location, specialty, or physician. Generate reports to understand total salary expenditures and do some what-if analysis with True Sky’s reporting functionality.

Forecast for Revenue by Different Dimensions using Drivers or Assumptions

True Sky gives you the flexibility to forecast revenue by any dimension such as physician, specialty, location, or procedure. True Sky can also track KPIs like revenue per patient, revenue per procedure, patient visits, etc. that you can use to help drive the revenue forecast.

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