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Client Help Documents

FAQ documents to help you navigate True Sky

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Below are step by step instructions to the most common True Sky tasks.

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End Users

  • About True Sky
  • Naming and Formatting Conventions
  • Prerequisites
  • Enabling/Disabling the True Sky Excel Add In
  • True Sky Ribbon Bar Elements
  • Reports vs. Assignments
  • The True Sky Hub
  • Logging into True Sky
  • Regional Formatting and Language Support
  • Saved Data Location
  • Assignment and Reports
  • Retrieving Data and Changing Filter Selections
  • Submitting Data in an Assignment for Approval
  • Reviewing and Approving/Rejecting an Assignment
  • Details Explained
  • Adding and Deleting Details
  • The Pivoted Layout
  • Data Validations
  • Notes and Attachments
  • Audit Trails
  • Data Tools
  • Indicators
  • Suppress Nulls and/or Zeroes
  • Links and Routines


  • Learn how to install True Sky.
  • Add a new user
  • Lock/unlock users
  • Reset a user’s password
  • Accessing and Disabling Security Groups
  • Editing and Enabling Security Groups
  • Editing an Approval Tree
  • Deleting an Existing User Security Setting
  • Adding a New User Security Setting
  • Create a new assignment
  • Create a report
  • Add a new user to an existing assignment or report
  • Learn how to create a folder with True Sky.
  • Opening a Template
  • Selecting the Security Group
  • Previewing the Template
  • Filter Selections and Retrieving Data
  • Testing the Templates
  • Learn how to update license keys when its time to renew them here.