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Business Budget Software that Simplifies Monitoring and Reporting

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Know Where the Company Stands, Anytime

Reporting shouldn’t be a major undertaking. It shouldn’t happen just once a year – or even just once every quarter. Keeping track of financial data – watching for trends, looking for insights – is a task that should be easy to do. In order to be agile enough to react to changing market conditions, it should be done on a regular basis. True Sky’s business budget software reporting capabilities allow for ease of access to the data all the time.

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Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

True Sky allows the user to design and deploy almost any type of report imaginable, including sales reports, inventory reports, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. This business budget software also provides robust annual and quarterly reporting capabilities and the ability to report on any time horizon desired, including monthly, daily and 4-4-5.

Leverage Excel’s conditional formatting and charting functionality to better visualize data on True Sky’s dashboards. This allows for a quicker overview and deeper insights.

True Sky gives the ability to group different reports into a reporting package and automatically generate and output them at once as a single Excel file, PDF or print job. The data you need is always at your fingertips, available and understandable at a glance.

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Interactive Reports

Reports don’t have to be static documents. True Sky turns them into dynamic, interactive tools that actively contribute to understanding – and agility. Excel provides the basis for these robust reports with its reporting features, and True Sky finishes the job with its innovative functionalities. For example, detailed comments and electronic attachments related to the data can be added to report to ensure a complete picture.

Questions can be answered before they even arise, and every detail that affects the company’s performance is on display.

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All the Details in One Place

What could possibly make these in-depth, actionable reports even better? One word, notes.
True Sky allows for immediate and automatic roll-ups and consolidation of data without any extra effort and without having to design any special reports. Since data is shared between models in real-time, on-demand or on a scheduled basis, these notes will always contain the most current information available.

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Audit Trails

Ever wonder where that number is there? You don’t have to wonder anymore with True Sky’s audit trails.

When the user adds, edits or deletes a value within True Sky, an audit trail entry is generated. This audit trail tracks who the user was, when the change was made, what Assignment was used to make the change as well as the new value. This allows for less back and forth email, less headaches and more time to analyze the numbers.

Reports don’t just track your performance – they provide you with data vital to your company’s future path.

Why trust your data to anything less than a business budget software solution that allows for the most in-depth, dynamic, meaningful reports in the industry? Choose True Sky for your financial data monitoring and reporting needs, and ensure that you’ll have all the right information presented in the right way at the right time, to allow you to make informed decisions that will drive your business to the top of its industry. Choose agility. Choose success. Choose True Sky.

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