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Know Everything! Our Business Analytics Software Feature Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

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Promoting Business Growth Through Data Analysis

Budgeting and forecasting are a vital activity for any business looking to compete. Which is why the company’s numbers shouldn’t be based on inflating last year’s actuals?

To take your planning, budgeting, and forecasting process from a nebulous plan based on hope to a concrete strategy based on hard facts, every detail of the company’s data must be understood in-depth.

And that’s where True Sky comes in.

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Analytics to Inspire the Strategy

True Sky business analytics software allows for so much more than data collection and organization. It was designed specifically to enable businesses to squeeze every last drop of actionable information from its data. What are the drivers of your company’s success? How should you proceed if certain variables change? These questions are answered with True Sky.

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Drill Down For Insight

True Sky allows users to drill down into every piece of data. From attached documents to added comments, everything can be explained, described, and understood more clearly within True Sky’s business analytics software.

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The Big Picture

With every detail clear, users can then step back to see the big picture. True Sky business analytics software allows businesses to compare different versions of their forecasts and budgets side by side to prepare for multiple “What-if” scenarios and pinpoint key drivers. Any period of time can be analyzed, from a day to a year and everything in between.

With the insight-producing charting functionalities, data can be tracked and compared in a way that makes trends clear. With that data in hand, companies can make informed decisions, increase their agility, and grow their business.

True Sky’s data analytics capabilities enable businesses to understand every aspect of their past performance, so that they can prepare confidently for their future.

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