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Flexible Demand Forecasting Software Feature that Allows User Defined Modeling

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Create a completely custom budgeting experience that meets your company’s unique needs and puts you in control

Your business and goals for its future are one of a kind.

Within your business, every department has specific needs that must be met daily for you to meet those goals.

And there are certain tasks that must be handled effectively for you to achieve greater success.

One of those tasks is budgeting.

So, if your business is so unique, why would you settle for a “one-size-fits-all” budgeting tool that slows you down?

With True Sky, you won’t have to. True Sky demand forecasting software allows you to experience business budgeting like never before – in a way that’s intuitive and tailor-made to meet your specific business needs.

Define each aspect of your budget to work for you – no matter how complex your needs are

Your business needs are complex, but that doesn’t mean your budget has to be difficult to manage and understand.

Choose True Sky, and you can create your own templates that work the way your users think, which really helps with ease of use. On top of that, True Sky demand forecasting software allows you to create custom models to capture data and report on any of your business processes.

And don’t worry – you can use True Sky’s powerful security settings for every model you create to ensure that your critical company data remains safe.

Enable all of your users to easily collaborate

Budgeting can be pretty frustrating when you need to spend several days training your employees just to be able to collaborate within the interface.

Here at True Sky, we help you avoid wasting countless hours training employees because True Sky works within Microsoft Excel. That means all of your employees can use their existing Microsoft Excel knowledge to easily contribute to the budgeting process as needed.

True Sky helps eliminate confusion by allowing users to leave detailed comments and attachments in the spreadsheets. So when it’s time to analyze and report on the budget, you’re not chasing users for explanations. You can simply look at the comments to understand the numbers.

Plus, True Sky is so user-friendly that it’s not just for the accounting team – in fact, custom templates make it simple for employees from any department to use it.

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Accountability. Security. Everything you need to create the most effective budget possible

Once you’ve created your custom budget and brought in multiple users to collaborate, you might be concerned about holding everyone accountable and keeping your data secure.

Not to worry – here at True Sky, we understand that the security of your data is of utmost importance.  That’s why we offer dynamic security rendering of templates for each user, meaning we allow data to be viewed by only who you want to see it.

Bottom line: True Sky demand forecasting software is a tailored budgeting solution that meets your needs while ensuring that your data is safe.

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Project Costs/Revenues

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User Defined Modeling

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