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Our Compensation Planning Software Feature Makes Resource Planning a Breeze

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Motivate your employees to work hard and drive results for your business with easy compensation planning through our compensation planning software features

You want to keep your best employees around. Not only that – you want to keep them happy and performing well. After all, they’re the ones who will innovate, stay productive to keep processes running smoothly, and propel your company toward growth. And what better way to motivate them to succeed than with an attractive compensation plan?

But how can you easily create a compensation plan that both motivates your employees and fits within your business budget? The answer is simple: True Sky compensation planning software.

Not only can you use it to plan compensation and retain your top talent – it’ll help you gain a competitive advantage and be more strategic, all while easily integrating with your company’s current systems.

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Large amounts of compensation data? No problem

In the past, working with a lot of compensation data has not been the simplest task. It can require multiple spreadsheets full of complex data, which can be frustrating to work with if you don’t have the right tool.

But, when you work with True Sky compensation planning software, it’s easy to plan compensation. Just think of True Sky as a way to make Excel even more robust and powerful than it already is. With True Sky, you can analyze even the most complicated data, leave custom comments that explain the “why” behind your data to improve collaboration and save time.

Bottom line: it’s the ideal way to handle your unique compensation planning needs.

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Save time planning compensation

The great thing about True Sky? It uses the familiar Microsoft Excel interface.

That means you won’t have to spend countless hours training employees on how to use it. Plus, True Sky’s functionality and flexibility allows users to quickly handle tasks related to compensation planning, no matter how complex the data is or how many compensation plans are needed. That translates to more productivity and, ultimately, improvement of the company’s bottom line.

Using True Sky, you’ll also benefit from the accurate data presented – you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to offer your employees in compensation. That way, you can choose a number that works for both your employees and your business.

Ease of use for all of your employees.

Let’s face it – compensation planning can be frustrating if it’s done with a tool that isn’t user-friendly. Luckily, True Sky easy-to-use interface is so intuitive that anyone can handle it – not just the accounting and finance departments! Plus, True Sky offers multilingual support, so your employees can easily use it in French or Spanish.

And don’t worry about the data security – True Sky compensation planning software keeps all of your data safe within the system with robust security settings.

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