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Business Budget Planning on Overdrive with True Sky

Robust business budget planning that enables your business to move forward

Imagine your business in the future. What do you see? Maybe you want to expand. Open up new locations. Increase revenue. To do any of those things, you’ll need a solid strategy. And a critical part of a company’s strategy is the budget.

So, don’t settle for budgeting software that’s hard to use and stops your business from growing. With True Sky, anyone can budget strategically and reach their business goals.

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Get the data you need – when you need it the most

When it comes to business budget planning, to make the best business decisions possible, you need accurate information at your fingertips. That’s exactly what True Sky provides with its detailed dashboards.

The dashboards show users an easy-to-understand overview of the most sought-after information in the budget – instantly. That means no more digging around for what you need. No more wasted time and frustration. Just easy access to your data whenever you need it.

Clarity, Direction, Success

Have complex, specific budgeting needs? With True Sky, you can create your own custom templates and reuse them over and over to save time and make the budgets much easier to grasp for everyone. You can even leave custom comments in the budget so all users can immediately understand the “why” behind the numbers, eliminating any confusion.

Because of this, True Sky allows anyone involved in the business budget planning process to easily gain a clear vision of what needs to be done for the business to achieve greater success. With that vision on mind, all of your employees will be able to help you make your business goals a reality.

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Not in the finance department? No problem

True Sky was specifically made with ease of use in mind. That means that using True Sky for budgeting involves little to no help from the IT department. Yes – it’s really that simple.

Not only does that eliminate user frustration – it means that the people you need to involve in the business budget planning process can get involved with no problems. True Sky remains incredibly intuitive, no matter how complex your budgeting needs are. Whether you want rolling forecasts or annual budgets, True Sky can be completely tailored to meet your preferences.

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Rest assured that your sensitive data is secure

You already know that letting your data fall into the wrong hands could be disastrous for your business With True Sky, only the people you want to see your budget will be able to access it. We offer password protection and other security management features so you can feel confident knowing your data is secure.

More Applications

Financial Budgeting

With True Sky corporate budgeting software, harness the power of Microsoft Excel to budget in real time. That means no time wasted on tedious training – just fast information that helps you budget strategically all year long.

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Revenue Forecasting

To grow your business, you need accurate knowledge that allows you to make good business decisions. That’s where True Sky comes in – it helps you easily forecast revenue so you can quickly make choices that will advance your company.

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Compensation Planning

Keeping your best employees around will help you achieve your business goals. True Sky corporate budgeting software helps you make this happen by allowing you to plan compensation strategically so you can gain a competitive advantage while keeping your top employees happy.

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Capital Expenditures

True Sky provides you with the helpful data you need to make the right decisions about capital expenditures. That way, you can avoid irreversible long-term consequences that harm your business and stop you from reaching your goals.

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Project Costs/Revenues

Hoping your next big project is completed within budget? With True Sky, it will be. True Sky corporate budgeting software allows you to easily estimate costs, prioritize, and plan for the future.

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User Defined Modeling

You have unique business goals, and your budgeting needs are unique too. So, why settle for “one-size-fits-all” budgeting software? With True Sky, you don’t have to.

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Structured Data Capture

Cut down on the manual labor needed to budget by automating data input with True Sky. Not only will you boost productivity – you’ll get more accurate data that will help you make better business decisions.

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