True Sky for Non-Profit Organizations

Effective budgeting is essential for the success of non-profit organizations. A robust and flexible budgeting tool can be a game changer in maximizing your impact and allocating resources effectively. True Sky gives non-profit organizations the tools they need to improve their processes and maximize resources.  


Make the best use of your resources: True Sky’s ongoing support means you can leverage a True Sky Consultant to support you with each budget cycle – adding resources to your team.  

Involve people outside of the finance team in the budget: True Sky is easy to use, so end users – even those without finance knowledge – can fully participate in the budgeting process. Directors, program managers, and other staff members can make meaningful contributions to help build their budget and review progress. 

Generate multiple reports for different sources: Easily create multiple input sheets and reports for different funding calendars, for government, funding sources, or other agencies. 

Get precise with your budgets: Easily create multiple budgets and reports by any dimension (e.g., grants, donors, programs, locations). 

Track staffing expenses: Budget and report not only for data at the GL, but also for employee expenses either by person or position.  


True Sky is more than just powerful software, but a complete solution for your budgeting needs.  

  • Powerful software that lets you continue to leverage the power and familiarity of Excel  
  • Dynamic integrations to your ERP and other data source(s)  
  • Proven and tested implementation to help with the process  
  • Tailored and ongoing support year-round 

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