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Corporate Performance Management Software Enables You to Take Control of Your Company's Future

True Sky corporate performance management software was specifically developed to be easily adopted and maintained by the finance group.

Once installed and configured, True Sky software can be used by anyone, no matter how complex their company's budgeting and forecasting needs are.

Now is the time to set companies up for success. True Sky puts the power into the office of the CFO.

How True Sky Corporate Performance Management Software Helps Your Business

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Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

True Sky corporate performance management software offers all the features you need to act on your company’s financial data, while remaining elegantly simple for anyone to use.

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Monitoring & Reporting

The capabilities of the True Sky corporate performance management software allows the ease of access to data at all times, allowing you to effortlessly design and deploy almost any time of report imaginable.

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True Sky corporate performance management software allows you to make informed decisions by viewing the relevant dashboard for a quick overview of all the important data.

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True Sky corporate performance management software was designed specifically to enable you to squeeze every last drop of actionable information with organized and in-depth analytics.

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Robust, Innovative, Intuitive

True Sky is a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solution that dramatically reduces the time spent on creation, input, data merging, and review processes traditionally involved with planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Excel-based for ease of use, packed full of uniquely powerful functionalities, and designed to encourage forward-thinking budgeting practices such as rolling forecasts and driver-based planning, True Sky provides businesses with an easy path towards agility.

Businesses need a budgeting, planning, and forecasting solution that makes data capture quick and easy, so that valuable resources can be dedicated towards analysis and strategy.

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